Ninja Blender Compared With Vitamix and Blendtec


Do you already have a foundation about what kind of blenders are out there it the market? Recently there are 3 blender manufacturers that lead the market. They are Ninja Kitchen, Vitamix and Blendtec.

When you compare it roughly from the outside it may look like they are both just same, they just a blender to blend foods. In these topic we will look closer until we will discover that there are small elements that make a large difference overall.

Company Profile

Vitamix and Blendtec are both top of the chain blender manufacturers since they have been focusing on blender technology since many years ago. Vitamix company has been established since 1921, even they didn't start the company in blender business, this can be indication that Vitamix is serious company.

Blendtec establish on 1976 and they have been focused on blending technology since then. While the third player in this competition Ninja Kitchen relatively new in this market, but they do attract a lot by offering low cost blender with high quality blender machine.

The Competition

Vitamix and Blendtec have been competed on this market since very long time, they always involved in competition where latest technologies on the blenders is the top section they compete. Since they both are US based companies made them know how to keep the standard quality to meet the US markets.

Until the time where this Ninja Kitchen came by selling blender products. They tend to attract customers with an option that their blender is cheaper than Vitamix and Blendtec blenders but still will give you the same high performance as the competitors do.


The heat of competition become sorely, when Ninja Kitchen launch Ninja Ultima Blender that they claim is as good as Vitamix blender but cost 1/3 cheaper than Vitamix blender.


When we test the performance, we can say that all of those three blenders are extraordinary. All their blenders comes with more than 1000 watts power while regular blenders commonly in the markets only provide 300-800 watts.

This huge power bring they to another level, their blender crush almost anything, even Blendtec has a unique advertise video that show their blender can crush not just vegetables and fruits but also an Apple iPhone. This is show how beast the machine their blenders can provide.

When looking at the materials, we can say Vitamix is superior, all their important parts in their blender products are made from metal, for example the blades rotor gear, they use a metal to metal so the chance of broken is minimized. Blendtec comes in the second place, while Ninja Kitchen in the last place. This is why you should not wonder why Ninja Kitchen has cheaper price than the others, because their blender parts mostly comes from plastic that can easily being scratched and broken.

Now start looking at the blender jar, all of them are really aware about the concern regarding BPA free in the jar material. We found that Blendtec jar is the thickest one followed by Vitamix and last by Ninja Kitchen.

When talking about blend food, it always related with the blades, not like Ninja Kitchen, both Vitamix and Blendtec are using blunt blades on their blender. They tend to tell people that we don't need sharp blades to crush the food. Keep remember they all provide a high end machine means their blender are killers. The machine can provide > 20,000rpm that you can imagine how fast and powerful if you have blades that can move as that fast. While Ninja Kitchen stick to the traditional method that a blender's blades must be sharped so it can crush anything. The fact it may scratch or cut your fingers when you cleaning up the jar.

When comparing the making juice performance, which is not straightforward to accomplish with blenders, reportedly Vitamix and Blendtec does a better job making the juice thinner and smoother in matter of seconds. This may not be a big win as adding a little more water while blending with Ninja will equate its viscosity with the produce of Vitamix and Blendtec.


These three blenders manufactures are top in the market, you cannot deny them when you are looking a good blender in the market. Performance-wise Vitamix seems become the winner no wonder because they have been in this business for very long time.

Blendtec is a good alternative when you want to have more advance feature than Vitamix, especially when you love to use gadget and want to have the same experiences by just press button on the blender, set it and go.

Ninja Kitchen is kind of a big deal if you have limited budget, indeed their performance cannot be equaled with Vitamix and Blendtec, but you always get what you pay. The fact they still a good blender manufacturer.


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